Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kanaqin (406370) available!

Weather station in the area

Fob Cobra (METAR KQXF)
Ghasre-Shirin (METAR OICG)
Ghasre-Shirin (SYNOP 407650)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kanin (SYNOP 221650)
Weatherstation Knin (SYNOP 144420)
Weatherstation Kingsville-Nas (METAR KNQI)
Weatherstation Angola-Tri-State-Steuben-County-Airport (METAR KANQ)
Weatherstation Kuantan (METAR WMKD)
Weatherstation Kuantan (SYNOP 486570)
Weatherstation Kananga (METAR FZUA)
Weatherstation Kananga (SYNOP 642350)
Weatherstation Yanqi (SYNOP 515670)
Weatherstation San-Joaquin (METAR SLJO)
Weatherstation San-Joaquin (SYNOP 851040)
Weatherstation Ranai (METAR WION)
Weatherstation Ranai (SYNOP 961470)
Weatherstation Kuandian (SYNOP 544930)
Weatherstation Kiana (METAR PAIK)
Weatherstation Kenai (METAR PAEN)
Weatherstation Kenai (METAR IATA_ENA)
Weatherstation Kasin (SYNOP 273160)
Weatherstation Kangshan (SYNOP 467450)
Weatherstation Kandi (METAR DBBK)

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