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No data for Synop station Kanevka (222490) available!

Weather station in the area

Kanevka (SYNOP 222490)
Kanevka (SYNOP 222490)
Kanevka (SYNOP 222490)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kanevskaja (SYNOP 348250)
Weatherstation Salida (METAR KANK)
Weatherstation Minneapls-Blaine (METAR KANE)
Weatherstation Alva (METAR KAVK)
Weatherstation Kamenka (SYNOP 336790)
Weatherstation Kahovka (SYNOP 338690)
Weatherstation Ruzaevka (SYNOP 289660)
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Weatherstation Kansk (SYNOP 295810)
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Weatherstation Kankakee (METAR KIKK)
Weatherstation Kankakee (METAR IATA_IKK)
Weatherstation Kanas (SYNOP 275870)
Weatherstation Kalevala (SYNOP 224080)
Weatherstation Zabelovka (SYNOP 350420)
Weatherstation Suhanovka (SYNOP 315040)
Weatherstation Romanovka (SYNOP 306500)
Weatherstation Malinovka (SYNOP 315830)
Weatherstation Kwangjeok (METAR KQFU)

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