Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Karaganda (353940) available!

Weather station in the area

Karaganda (METAR UAKK)
Karaganda (METAR UAKK)
Karaganda (METAR UAKK)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Karaganda (METAR UAKK)
Weatherstation Marandua (METAR KQYV)
Weatherstation Karbalaa (SYNOP 406560)
Weatherstation Farafangana (METAR FMSG)
Weatherstation Farafangana (SYNOP 671570)
Weatherstation Braganca (METAR LPBG)
Weatherstation Braganca (SYNOP 085750)
Weatherstation Zarand (SYNOP 151580)
Weatherstation Kurgan (SYNOP 286610)
Weatherstation Kharga (SYNOP 624350)
Weatherstation Kharg-Island (SYNOP 408450)
Weatherstation Kajgan (SYNOP 320130)
Weatherstation Kafironda (SYNOP 675630)
Weatherstation Haparanda (SYNOP 021970)
Weatherstation Haparanda (SYNOP 021960)
Weatherstation Narrandera (SYNOP 947060)
Weatherstation Krasnograd (SYNOP 344010)
Weatherstation Karesuando (SYNOP 020810)
Weatherstation Hamraendar (SYNOP 040340)
Weatherstation Dargan-Ata (SYNOP 385450)

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