Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kardla (EEKA) available!

Weather station in the area

Kardla (SYNOP 261160)
Kardla (SYNOP 261160)
Kardla (SYNOP 261160)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kardla (SYNOP 261160)
Weatherstation New-Iberia (METAR KARA)
Weatherstation Kara (SYNOP 653570)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KARL)
Weatherstation Marla (SYNOP 944770)
Weatherstation Korla (SYNOP 516560)
Weatherstation Karam (SYNOP 304370)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OPKL)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OAKT)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 416963)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 409793)
Weatherstation Barda (SYNOP 378320)
Weatherstation Barda (SYNOP 284210)
Weatherstation Karlovac (SYNOP 142320)
Weatherstation Karbalaa (SYNOP 406560)
Weatherstation Mandla (SYNOP 427760)
Weatherstation Kharlovka (SYNOP 221330)
Weatherstation Kharga (SYNOP 624350)
Weatherstation Kasira (SYNOP 276270)
Weatherstation Karwar (SYNOP 432250)

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