Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Karlsruhe (EDTK) available!

Weather station in the area

Karlsruhe/Baden (METAR EDSB)
Karlsruhe/Baden (METAR IATA_FKB)
Baden-Oos (SYNOP 107250)
Karlsruhe (SYNOP 107270)
Karlsruhe/Baden (SYNOP 107275)
Rheinstetten (SYNOP 107310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Karlsruhe (SYNOP 107270)
Weatherstation Karlsruhe-Baden (METAR IATA_FKB)
Weatherstation Karlsruhe-Baden (METAR EDSB)
Weatherstation Karlsruhe-Baden (SYNOP 107275)
Weatherstation Karshi (SYNOP 388120)
Weatherstation Kalush (SYNOP 335240)
Weatherstation Karasuk (SYNOP 298140)
Weatherstation Sturgeon-Bay (METAR KSUE)
Weatherstation Seminole (METAR KSRE)
Weatherstation Russellville (METAR KRUE)
Weatherstation Nashua-Boire (METAR KASH)
Weatherstation Las-Cruces-Intl (METAR KLRU)
Weatherstation La-Crosse (METAR KLSE)
Weatherstation Kars (METAR LTCF)
Weatherstation Kars (SYNOP 170980)
Weatherstation Chicago-Aurora (METAR KARR)
Weatherstation Aurora (METAR KAUH)
Weatherstation Aspen (METAR KASE)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KARL)
Weatherstation Alamosa (METAR KALS)

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