Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kemerovo (UNEE) available!

Weather station in the area

Kemerovo (SYNOP 296420)
Kemerovskij (SYNOP 296450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kemerovo (SYNOP 296420)
Weatherstation Kemerovskij (SYNOP 296450)
Weatherstation Berovo (SYNOP 135980)
Weatherstation Semenov (SYNOP 274620)
Weatherstation Merced-Castle-Af (METAR KMER)
Weatherstation Meeker (METAR KEEO)
Weatherstation Lameroo (SYNOP 946900)
Weatherstation Lameroo (SYNOP 946880)
Weatherstation Kerrville (METAR KERV)
Weatherstation Emporia (METAR KEMV)
Weatherstation Cemerno (SYNOP 133560)
Weatherstation Korobovo (SYNOP 270260)
Weatherstation Kocenevo (SYNOP 296260)
Weatherstation Certkovo (SYNOP 344320)
Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 256560)
Weatherstation Berezovo (SYNOP 236310)
Weatherstation Serov (SYNOP 280440)
Weatherstation Leovo (SYNOP 338810)
Weatherstation Kirov (SYNOP 271990)
Weatherstation Kirov (SYNOP 271960)

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