Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kempten (EDMK) available!

Weather station in the area

Oberstdorf (SYNOP 109480)
St Anton Am Arlberg (SYNOP 111090)
Galzig Mountain (SYNOP 111100)
Warth (SYNOP 113080)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kempten (SYNOP 109460)
Weatherstation Patterson-Memori (METAR KPTN)
Weatherstation Keene-Dillant (METAR KEEN)
Weatherstation Emporia (METAR KEMP)
Weatherstation El-Monte (METAR KEMT)
Weatherstation Baltimore-Martin (METAR KMTN)
Weatherstation Kempsey (SYNOP 947880)
Weatherstation Kemptville (METAR IATA_XKE)
Weatherstation Kemptville (METAR CXKE)
Weatherstation Kemptville (SYNOP 713000)
Weatherstation Kremencug (SYNOP 336150)
Weatherstation Meppen (METAR ETWM)
Weatherstation Meppen (METAR ETGM)
Weatherstation Meppen (SYNOP 103040)
Weatherstation Kumeny (SYNOP 272960)
Weatherstation Kerteh (METAR WMKE)
Weatherstation Kerman (METAR OIKK)
Weatherstation Kerman (SYNOP 408410)
Weatherstation Kepino (SYNOP 224560)
Weatherstation Kemble (METAR EGDK)

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