Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kengtung (480600) available!

Weather station in the area

Kengtung (METAR VBKG)
Kengtung (METAR VBKG)
Kengtung (METAR VBKG)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kengtung (METAR VBKG)
Weatherstation Kangnung (METAR RKNN)
Weatherstation Kangnung (SYNOP 471070)
Weatherstation Kangnung (SYNOP 471050)
Weatherstation Wellington (METAR KEGT)
Weatherstation Oceana-Nas-Souce (METAR KNTU)
Weatherstation Norfolk-Nas-Cham (METAR KNGU)
Weatherstation Nordhorn-Range (METAR ETUN)
Weatherstation Mildenhall (METAR EGUN)
Weatherstation Gunbarrel (METAR KGUN)
Weatherstation Georgetown (METAR KGTU)
Weatherstation Filton (METAR EGTG)
Weatherstation Cheng-Kung (SYNOP 467610)
Weatherstation Butaritari-Atoll (METAR NGTU)
Weatherstation Pangnirtung (SYNOP 718260)
Weatherstation Hengyang (SYNOP 578720)
Weatherstation Hengchun (METAR RCKW)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 595590)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 467590)
Weatherstation Hengchun (SYNOP 467520)

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