Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Khark-Island (OIBQ) available!

Weather station in the area

Kharg Island (SYNOP 408450)
Kharg Island (SYNOP 408450)
Kharg Island (SYNOP 408450)
Bushehr (METAR OIBB)
Busher (SYNOP 408570)
Bushehr (SYNOP 408580)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kharg-Island (SYNOP 408450)
Weatherstation Taro-Island (SYNOP 915020)
Weatherstation Sherkin-Island (SYNOP 039510)
Weatherstation Kythira-Island (SYNOP 167430)
Weatherstation Kish-Island (METAR OIBK)
Weatherstation Kish-Island (METAR IATA_KIH)
Weatherstation Kish-Island (SYNOP 408820)
Weatherstation Kamaran-Island (METAR OYAN)
Weatherstation Kamaran-Island (SYNOP 414300)
Weatherstation Hart-Island (METAR IATA_WRN)
Weatherstation Hart-Island (METAR CWRN)
Weatherstation Hart-Island (SYNOP 714190)
Weatherstation Faro-Island (SYNOP 025880)
Weatherstation Daru-Island (SYNOP 940030)
Weatherstation Bear-Island (SYNOP 726188)
Weatherstation Ushakova-Island (SYNOP 200660)
Weatherstation Turks-Island (METAR MBGT)
Weatherstation Turks-Island (SYNOP 781180)
Weatherstation Nauru-Island (METAR IATA_INU)
Weatherstation Nauru-Island (METAR ANYN)

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