Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kielce (125700) available!

Weather station in the area

Kielce (SYNOP 125700)
Kielce (SYNOP 125700)
Kielce (SYNOP 125700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Wilson-Creek (METAR KILC)
Weatherstation Siedlce (SYNOP 123850)
Weatherstation Kizel (SYNOP 281310)
Weatherstation Kaele (METAR FKKH)
Weatherstation Kaele (SYNOP 648533)
Weatherstation Videle (SYNOP 154550)
Weatherstation Kozienice (SYNOP 124880)
Weatherstation Kosice (METAR LKKZ)
Weatherstation Kosice (SYNOP 119680)
Weatherstation Klicev (SYNOP 268640)
Weatherstation Kimberley (SYNOP 684380)
Weatherstation Kileer (SYNOP 249330)
Weatherstation Kenley (SYNOP 037810)
Weatherstation Kemble (METAR EGDK)
Weatherstation Kemble (METAR EGBP)
Weatherstation Kemble (SYNOP 036383)
Weatherstation Kocelovice (SYNOP 114870)
Weatherstation Kindersley (METAR IATA_YKY)
Weatherstation Kindersley (METAR CYKY)
Weatherstation Tielmes (METAR ES_3229Y)

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