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No data for Synop station Kilimanjaro-Airport (637910) available!

Weather station in the area

Kilimanjaro Airp (METAR HTKJ)
Kilimanjaro Airport (SYNOP 637910)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kilimanjaro-Airp (METAR HTKJ)
Weatherstation Kingaroy-Airport (METAR YKRY)
Weatherstation Kingaroy-Airport (SYNOP 945490)
Weatherstation Kalmar-Airport (SYNOP 026700)
Weatherstation Slana-Airport (SYNOP 702915)
Weatherstation Siilinjarvi-Kuopio-Airport (SYNOP 029170)
Weatherstation Nhlangano-Airport (METAR FDNH)
Weatherstation Lanzarote-Airport (SYNOP 600400)
Weatherstation Bilbao-Airport (SYNOP 080250)
Weatherstation Wiseman-Airport (SYNOP 701749)
Weatherstation Wilmington-Airport (SYNOP 724089)
Weatherstation Tanagra-Airport (METAR LGTG)
Weatherstation Tanagra-Airport (SYNOP 166990)
Weatherstation San-Carlos-Airport (METAR KSQL)
Weatherstation San-Carlos-Airport (METAR IATA_SQL)
Weatherstation San-Carlos-Airport (SYNOP 724938)
Weatherstation Obihiro-Airport (METAR RJCB)
Weatherstation Obihiro-Airport (SYNOP 474900)
Weatherstation Kushiro-Airport (METAR RJCK)
Weatherstation Kushiro-Airport (SYNOP 474890)

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