Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kirovskij (318780) available!

Weather station in the area

Kirovskij (SYNOP 318780)
Kirovskij (SYNOP 318780)
Kirovskij (SYNOP 318780)
Svijagino (SYNOP 319310)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kirovsk (SYNOP 222190)
Weatherstation Kemerovskij (SYNOP 296450)
Weatherstation Kirov (SYNOP 271990)
Weatherstation Kirov (SYNOP 271960)
Weatherstation Abramovskij (SYNOP 223650)
Weatherstation Tazovskij (SYNOP 232560)
Weatherstation Sidorovsk (SYNOP 233650)
Weatherstation Pirovskoe (SYNOP 293630)
Weatherstation Kirovakan (SYNOP 377040)
Weatherstation Pavlovskij (SYNOP 275230)
Weatherstation Kirillovka (SYNOP 346090)
Weatherstation Kirishi (SYNOP 260800)
Weatherstation Kirensk (METAR UIKK)
Weatherstation Kirensk (SYNOP 302300)
Weatherstation Tulsa (METAR KRVS)
Weatherstation Sturgis-Kirsch (METAR KIRS)
Weatherstation Rush-City (METAR KROS)
Weatherstation Rattlesnake-Fmn (METAR KRSK)
Weatherstation Kumejima-Island (METAR ROKJ)
Weatherstation Kirs (SYNOP 280090)

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