Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kisumu (HKKI) available!

Weather station in the area

Kisumu (SYNOP 637080)
Kakamega (METAR HKKG)
Kakamega (SYNOP 636870)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kisumu (SYNOP 637080)
Weatherstation Travis-Afb-Fairf (METAR KSUU)
Weatherstation Summit (METAR KSUM)
Weatherstation Kissimmee-Orland (METAR KISM)
Weatherstation Carrasco (METAR SUMU)
Weatherstation Kinesma (SYNOP 273460)
Weatherstation Kasungu (SYNOP 675840)
Weatherstation Yuma-Intl (METAR KYUM)
Weatherstation Yeoju-Range (METAR RKSU)
Weatherstation Wisconsin-Rapids (METAR KISW)
Weatherstation Wilmington (METAR KILM)
Weatherstation Williston (METAR KISN)
Weatherstation White-Sulphur-Sp (METAR KSSU)
Weatherstation West-Houston (METAR KIWS)
Weatherstation Visalia-Muni (METAR KVIS)
Weatherstation Uspallata (METAR SAMU)
Weatherstation Ulan-Ude-Muhino (METAR UIUU)
Weatherstation Superior (METAR KSUW)
Weatherstation Superior-Valley (METAR K4SU)
Weatherstation Sunlight (METAR K5SM)

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