Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kittila (EFKT) available!

Weather station in the area

Kittila (SYNOP 028234)
Kittila airport (SYNOP 027200)
Kittila (SYNOP 028600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kittila (SYNOP 028600)
Weatherstation Kittila (SYNOP 028234)
Weatherstation Sanford (METAR KTTA)
Weatherstation Kita (METAR GAKT)
Weatherstation Kita (SYNOP 612700)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (METAR NZKT)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (SYNOP 930120)
Weatherstation Kittila-Pokka (SYNOP 027170)
Weatherstation Meiktila (METAR VBML)
Weatherstation Meiktila (SYNOP 480530)
Weatherstation Koutiala (METAR GAKO)
Weatherstation Koutiala (SYNOP 612930)
Weatherstation Kigilyah (SYNOP 216360)
Weatherstation Kittila-airport (SYNOP 027200)
Weatherstation Piotta (SYNOP 067530)
Weatherstation Mitiga (METAR HLLM)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULKK)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULAK)
Weatherstation Kotlas (SYNOP 228870)
Weatherstation Kitona (METAR FZAI)

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