Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kolo (123450) available!

Weather station in the area

Kolo (SYNOP 123450)
Kolo (SYNOP 123450)
Kolo (SYNOP 123450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Koloa (SYNOP 911665)
Weatherstation Wolf-Point (METAR KOLF)
Weatherstation Waterloo (METAR KALO)
Weatherstation Toledo (METAR KTOL)
Weatherstation South-Lincoln (METAR KSOL)
Weatherstation Salem-Leckrone (METAR KSLO)
Weatherstation Romeoville-Chi (METAR KLOT)
Weatherstation Philly-Wings-F (METAR KLOM)
Weatherstation Oskaloosa-Muni (METAR KOOA)
Weatherstation Osceola (METAR KOEO)
Weatherstation Orlando (METAR KORL)
Weatherstation Opelousas-St-Landry-Parish-Airport-And-Ahart-Field (METAR KOPL)
Weatherstation Ontario (METAR KONO)
Weatherstation Olympia (METAR KOLM)
Weatherstation Olney-Noble (METAR KOLY)
Weatherstation Olivia (METAR KOVL)
Weatherstation Olive-Branch (METAR KOLV)
Weatherstation Olean (METAR KOLE)
Weatherstation Old-Town-Dewitt (METAR KOLD)
Weatherstation Oelwen (METAR KOLZ)

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