Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kotsoy (012540) available!

Weather station in the area

Kotsoy (SYNOP 012540)
Trondheim/Voll (SYNOP 012570)
Soknedal (SYNOP 012530)
Kotsoy (SYNOP 012540)
Trondheim/Voll (SYNOP 012570)
Kvithamar (SYNOP 012700)
Trondheim/Vaerne (METAR ENVA)
Trondheim/Vaernes (SYNOP 012710)
Selbu (SYNOP 012730)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kyoto (SYNOP 477590)
Weatherstation Kongsoya (SYNOP 010160)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULKK)
Weatherstation Kotlas (METAR ULAK)
Weatherstation Kotlas (SYNOP 228870)
Weatherstation Koktas (SYNOP 358950)
Weatherstation Koktas (SYNOP 356870)
Weatherstation Tolstoy (METAR KTLS)
Weatherstation Tolstoy (METAR IATA_TLS)
Weatherstation Kvitoya (SYNOP 010110)
Weatherstation Kvamsoy (SYNOP 013290)
Weatherstation Kotkino (SYNOP 232070)
Weatherstation Konotop (SYNOP 332610)
Weatherstation Komatsu (METAR RJNK)
Weatherstation Komatsu (SYNOP 477040)
Weatherstation De-Kooy (METAR EHKD)
Weatherstation Yongsan-H-208-Hp (METAR RKSY)
Weatherstation Yechon (METAR RKTY)
Weatherstation Yasouj-Airport (METAR OISY)
Weatherstation Worthington (METAR KOTG)

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