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No data for Synop station Krasnograd (344010) available!

Weather station in the area

Krasnograd (SYNOP 344010)
Kolomak (SYNOP 343040)
Krasnograd (SYNOP 344010)
Kolomak (SYNOP 343040)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Krasnodar (METAR URKK)
Weatherstation Krasnodar (SYNOP 349290)
Weatherstation Kungrad (SYNOP 381490)
Weatherstation Kirovograd (SYNOP 337110)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR UNKL)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR IATA_KJA)
Weatherstation Krasnovodsk (SYNOP 385070)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (METAR UNKK)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (SYNOP 295740)
Weatherstation Krasnoborsk (SYNOP 228760)
Weatherstation Krasnaya (SYNOP 371070)
Weatherstation Krasnaja (SYNOP 269760)
Weatherstation Krangede (SYNOP 022480)
Weatherstation Kaliningrad (METAR UMKK)
Weatherstation Kaliningrad (SYNOP 267020)
Weatherstation Pavlograd (SYNOP 345020)
Weatherstation Krasnosel (SYNOP 234650)
Weatherstation Krasnoozersk (SYNOP 298130)
Weatherstation Kerang (SYNOP 948440)
Weatherstation Kanoya (METAR RJFY)

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