Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Krasnoscelje (222350) available!

Weather station in the area

Kolmyabr (SYNOP 222320)
Kolmyabr (SYNOP 222320)
Kolmyabr (SYNOP 222320)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Krasnosel (SYNOP 234650)
Weatherstation Krasnosel'Sk (SYNOP 377190)
Weatherstation Krasnoe-Poselen'E (SYNOP 288010)
Weatherstation Kassel (SYNOP 104380)
Weatherstation Krasnyj (SYNOP 342730)
Weatherstation Krasnyj (SYNOP 318450)
Weatherstation Krasnyj (SYNOP 309350)
Weatherstation Krasnyj (SYNOP 272150)
Weatherstation Krasnye (SYNOP 273690)
Weatherstation Kocevje (SYNOP 141180)
Weatherstation Kocevje (SYNOP 131180)
Weatherstation Krasnoslobodsk (SYNOP 277560)
Weatherstation Krasno-Scekovo (SYNOP 360360)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR UNKL)
Weatherstation Krasnoyarsk (METAR IATA_KJA)
Weatherstation Krasnovodsk (SYNOP 385070)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (METAR UNKK)
Weatherstation Krasnojarsk (SYNOP 295740)
Weatherstation Krasnoborsk (SYNOP 228760)
Weatherstation Krasnaja (SYNOP 269760)

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