Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kredarica (140080) available!

Weather station in the area

Kredarica (SYNOP 130080)
Ratece (SYNOP 140070)
Tarvisio (METAR LIVO)
Villacher Alpe (SYNOP 112120)
Villach (SYNOP 112130)
Bovec (SYNOP 130050)
Vogel (SYNOP 130060)
Ratece/Planica (SYNOP 130070)
Bovec (SYNOP 140050)
Vogel (SYNOP 140060)
Tarvisio (SYNOP 160400)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kredarica (SYNOP 130080)
Weatherstation Kariba (METAR FVKB)
Weatherstation Kariba (SYNOP 677610)
Weatherstation Greaca (SYNOP 154760)
Weatherstation Frederick (METAR KFED)
Weatherstation Frederick (METAR KFDK)
Weatherstation Frederick (METAR IATA_FED)
Weatherstation Frederick (METAR IATA_FDK)
Weatherstation Cedara (SYNOP 685800)
Weatherstation Brewarrina (SYNOP 955120)
Weatherstation Starica (SYNOP 292240)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR KDMO)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR IATA_DMO)
Weatherstation Krapina (SYNOP 143240)
Weatherstation Kericho (METAR HKKR)
Weatherstation Kericho (SYNOP 637100)
Weatherstation Washington-Natl (METAR KDCA)
Weatherstation Shreveport (METAR KEIC)
Weatherstation Richmond (METAR KRIC)
Weatherstation Redlands (METAR KREI)

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