Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kuandian (544930) available!

Weather station in the area

Kuandian (SYNOP 544930)
Kuandian (SYNOP 544930)
Kuandian (SYNOP 544930)
Supung (SYNOP 470280)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kuantan (METAR WMKD)
Weatherstation Kuantan (SYNOP 486570)
Weatherstation Huadian (SYNOP 542730)
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Weatherstation Kandi (METAR DBBK)
Weatherstation Kandi (SYNOP 653060)
Weatherstation Kundiawa (SYNOP 940110)
Weatherstation Canadian (METAR KHHF)
Weatherstation Canadian (METAR IATA_HHF)
Weatherstation Mandan (METAR KY19)
Weatherstation Mandan (METAR IATA_Y19)
Weatherstation Kindia (METAR GUID)
Weatherstation Kindia (SYNOP 618180)
Weatherstation Juanda (METAR WARR)
Weatherstation Zhumadian (SYNOP 572900)
Weatherstation Yuanjiang (SYNOP 576710)
Weatherstation Yuanjiang (SYNOP 569660)
Weatherstation Wanxian (SYNOP 574320)
Weatherstation Uzunagac (METAR UAAN)

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