Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Kuching (WBGG) available!

Weather station in the area

Kuching (SYNOP 964130)
Kuching (METAR WBGG)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kuching (SYNOP 964130)
Weatherstation Khucin (SYNOP 318690)
Weatherstation Quincy-Muni-Bald (METAR KUIN)
Weatherstation Chicago (METAR KCHI)
Weatherstation Carroll (METAR KCIN)
Weatherstation Xuchang (SYNOP 570890)
Weatherstation Pucheng (SYNOP 587310)
Weatherstation Muhinga (SYNOP 643970)
Weatherstation Kutchan (SYNOP 474330)
Weatherstation Kunming (SYNOP 567780)
Weatherstation Kljuchi (SYNOP 323890)
Weatherstation Cushing (METAR KCUH)
Weatherstation Cushing (METAR IATA_CUH)
Weatherstation Yuncheng (SYNOP 539590)
Weatherstation Toguchin (SYNOP 296360)
Weatherstation Lichinga (METAR FQLC)
Weatherstation Lichinga (SYNOP 672170)
Weatherstation Kumlinge (SYNOP 027900)
Weatherstation Kulci (SYNOP 313640)
Weatherstation Kochi (SYNOP 478930)

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