Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kupino (297060) available!

Weather station in the area

Kupino (SYNOP 297060)
Kupino (SYNOP 297060)
Kupino (SYNOP 297060)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kuopio (METAR EFKU)
Weatherstation Kepino (SYNOP 224560)
Weatherstation West-Plains (METAR KUNO)
Weatherstation Quincy-Muni-Bald (METAR KUIN)
Weatherstation Piney-Creek (METAR KPIN)
Weatherstation Lupin (METAR IATA_WIJ)
Weatherstation Lupin (METAR CWIJ)
Weatherstation Lupin (SYNOP 714960)
Weatherstation Urjupino (SYNOP 307810)
Weatherstation Kuragino (SYNOP 298700)
Weatherstation Katugino (SYNOP 303790)
Weatherstation Quinto (METAR ES_9510X)
Weatherstation Pudino (SYNOP 293130)
Weatherstation Muhino (SYNOP 313770)
Weatherstation Krapivino (SYNOP 296490)
Weatherstation Khucin (SYNOP 318690)
Weatherstation Kautokeino (SYNOP 010470)
Weatherstation Kasuminome (METAR RJSU)
Weatherstation Kasuminome (SYNOP 475670)
Weatherstation Oparino (SYNOP 270830)

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