Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Kyoto (477590) available!

Weather station in the area

Kyoto (SYNOP 477590)
Maizuru (SYNOP 477500)
Kyoto (SYNOP 477590)
Hikone (SYNOP 477610)
Osaka Intl/Itami (METAR RJOO)
Osaka Intl/Itami (SYNOP 477710)
Ueno (SYNOP 476490)
Osaka (SYNOP 477720)
Osaka/Takayasuyama (SYNOP 477730)
Yao (SYNOP 477790)
Nara (SYNOP 477800)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Kotsoy (SYNOP 012540)
Weatherstation Yazoo-City (METAR KYZO)
Weatherstation Yagabond-Aaf (METAR K1YT)
Weatherstation Worthington (METAR KOTG)
Weatherstation Troy (METAR KTOI)
Weatherstation Tower-Falls (METAR KTOW)
Weatherstation Torrington (METAR KTOR)
Weatherstation Torrance-Municip (METAR KTOA)
Weatherstation Topeka (METAR KTOP)
Weatherstation Toledo (METAR KTOL)
Weatherstation Toccoa (METAR KTOC)
Weatherstation Tatoosh-Vor (METAR KTOU)
Weatherstation Spokane (METAR KOTX)
Weatherstation Sacramento-Wfo (METAR KSTO)
Weatherstation Romeoville-Chi (METAR KLOT)
Weatherstation Otu (METAR SKOT)
Weatherstation Ottumwa (METAR KOTM)
Weatherstation Oskaloosa-Muni (METAR KOOA)
Weatherstation Oshawa (METAR CYOO)
Weatherstation Osceola (METAR KOEO)

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