Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Lamar (KLAA) available!

Weather station in the area

Lamar (METAR K4LJ)
Lamar (SYNOP 724630)
Lamar Municipal (SYNOP 724636)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lamar (METAR K4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_LAA)
Weatherstation Lamar (METAR IATA_4LJ)
Weatherstation Lamar (SYNOP 724630)
Weatherstation Lamia (SYNOP 166750)
Weatherstation Samary (SYNOP 283340)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 289000)
Weatherstation Samara (SYNOP 279950)
Weatherstation Ramsar (METAR OINR)
Weatherstation Ramsar (SYNOP 407320)
Weatherstation Kasmar (METAR OIMQ)
Weatherstation Kalmar (METAR ESMQ)
Weatherstation Kalmar (SYNOP 026720)
Weatherstation Dhamar (METAR OYDM)
Weatherstation Dhamar (SYNOP 414340)
Weatherstation A-Lama (METAR ES_1489A)
Weatherstation Lambarene (METAR FOGR)
Weatherstation Lambarene (SYNOP 645510)
Weatherstation Woomera-Aerodrome (METAR AAWR)
Weatherstation Spriggs-Payne-Mo (METAR GLMR)

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