Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Lampasas (KLZZ) available!

Weather station in the area

Lampasas (METAR KLZZ)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lampasas (METAR IATA_LZZ)
Weatherstation Savoonga (METAR PASA)
Weatherstation Santiago (METAR MPSA)
Weatherstation Mambasa (SYNOP 640710)
Weatherstation Lampang (METAR VTCL)
Weatherstation Lampang (SYNOP 483280)
Weatherstation Kampala (SYNOP 636800)
Weatherstation Campobasso (METAR LIBS)
Weatherstation Campobasso (SYNOP 162520)
Weatherstation Alice-Springs-Airport (METAR ASAS)
Weatherstation Lavumisa (METAR FDLV)
Weatherstation Lavumisa (SYNOP 683930)
Weatherstation Gazipasa (METAR LTFG)
Weatherstation Damascus (METAR OSDI)
Weatherstation Damascus (SYNOP 400800)
Weatherstation Campinas (SYNOP 837290)
Weatherstation Vaasa (METAR EFVA)
Weatherstation Vaasa (SYNOP 029110)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR KTPA)
Weatherstation Tampa (METAR IATA_TPA)

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