Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Latakia (400220) available!

Weather station in the area

Latakia (METAR OSLK)
Basel Assad Int Airp (SYNOP 400250)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Latakia (METAR OSLK)
Weatherstation Tirana (METAR LATI)
Weatherstation Takao-Radar (METAR TAKA)
Weatherstation Iskenderun (METAR LTAK)
Weatherstation Antalya (METAR LTAI)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (METAR NZKT)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (SYNOP 930120)
Weatherstation Wash-Dc-Dulles (METAR IATA_IAD)
Weatherstation Ukiah (METAR IATA_UKI)
Weatherstation Tatalina (SYNOP 702315)
Weatherstation Talkeetna (METAR IATA_TKA)
Weatherstation St-Henri (METAR IATA_WIA)
Weatherstation Santa-Ynez (METAR IATA_IZA)
Weatherstation Roanoke-Rapids (METAR IATA_IXA)
Weatherstation Preston (METAR IATA_FKA)
Weatherstation Peoria (METAR IATA_PIA)
Weatherstation Numila-S-Kauai (METAR IATA_HKI)
Weatherstation Niagara-Falls (METAR IATA_IAG)
Weatherstation Napakiak (SYNOP 702195)
Weatherstation Miller (METAR IATA_MKA)

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