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No data for Metar station Lavan-Island (OIBV) available!

Weather station in the area

Lavan Island (METAR OIBV)
Lavan Island (METAR OIBV)
Lavan Island (METAR OIBV)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Waglan-Island (SYNOP 450090)
Weatherstation Vava'U-Island (METAR NFTV)
Weatherstation Vava'U-Island (SYNOP 917800)
Weatherstation Tasman-Island (SYNOP 959860)
Weatherstation Gan-Island (METAR VRGN)
Weatherstation Gan-Island (SYNOP 435990)
Weatherstation Varanus-Island (SYNOP 953030)
Weatherstation Swan-Island (SYNOP 959850)
Weatherstation Swan-Island (SYNOP 959800)
Weatherstation Rasa-Island (SYNOP 837440)
Weatherstation Leka-Island (SYNOP 011030)
Weatherstation Lastovo-Island (SYNOP 134390)
Weatherstation Lakemba-Island (METAR NFNK)
Weatherstation Lakemba-Island (SYNOP 916910)
Weatherstation Kamaran-Island (METAR OYAN)
Weatherstation Kamaran-Island (SYNOP 414300)
Weatherstation Hano-Island (SYNOP 026500)
Weatherstation Haiyang-Island (SYNOP 545870)
Weatherstation Wando-Island (SYNOP 471700)
Weatherstation Ushakova-Island (SYNOP 200660)

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