Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lawrence-Municipal (744904) available!

Weather station in the area

Lawrence (METAR KLWM)
Newburyport (METAR IATA_2B2)
Manchester (METAR IATA_MHT)
Nashua/Artcc-Bos (METAR IATA_ZBW)
Newburyport (METAR K2B2)
Beverly (METAR KBVY)
Manchester (METAR KMHT)
Nashua/Artcc-Bos (METAR KZBW)
Beverly Municipal (SYNOP 725088)
Manchester Airpark (SYNOP 743945)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lawton-Municipal (SYNOP 723575)
Weatherstation Torrance-Municipal (SYNOP 722955)
Weatherstation Lamar-Municipal (SYNOP 724636)
Weatherstation Beatrice-Municipal (SYNOP 725515)
Weatherstation Alliance-Municipal (SYNOP 725635)
Weatherstation Marion-Municipal (SYNOP 744214)
Weatherstation La-Crosse-Municipal (SYNOP 726430)
Weatherstation Hawthorne-Municipal (SYNOP 724856)
Weatherstation Hawthorne-Municipal (SYNOP 722956)
Weatherstation Rawlins-Municipal (SYNOP 725745)
Weatherstation Lincoln-Municipal (SYNOP 725510)
Weatherstation Lebanon-Municipal (SYNOP 726116)
Weatherstation Jaffrey-Municipal (SYNOP 726163)
Weatherstation Chadron-Municipal (SYNOP 725636)
Weatherstation Abilene-Municipal (SYNOP 722660)
Weatherstation Olean-Municipal (SYNOP 725283)
Weatherstation Limon-Municipal (SYNOP 724665)
Weatherstation La-Junta-Municipal (SYNOP 724635)
Weatherstation Kenai-Municipal (SYNOP 702590)
Weatherstation Bismarck-Municipal (SYNOP 727640)

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