Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Le-Havre-Octeville (070280) available!

Weather station in the area

Le Havre/Octevil (METAR LFOH)
St Gatien (METAR LFRG)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Le-Havre-Octevil (METAR LFOH)
Weatherstation Lawrenceville (METAR KLZU)
Weatherstation Lawrenceville (METAR KLWV)
Weatherstation Lawrenceville (METAR IATA_LZU)
Weatherstation Lawrenceville (METAR IATA_LWV)
Weatherstation Hartsville (METAR KHVS)
Weatherstation Hartsville (METAR IATA_HVS)
Weatherstation Weaverville (METAR KO54)
Weatherstation Weaverville (METAR IATA_O54)
Weatherstation Beauceville (METAR IATA_WHV)
Weatherstation Beauceville (METAR CWHV)
Weatherstation Beauceville (SYNOP 713230)
Weatherstation Leeville (METAR K7R2)
Weatherstation Leeville (METAR IATA_7R2)
Weatherstation Leeville (SYNOP 722327)
Weatherstation Lambertville (METAR KDUH)
Weatherstation Lambertville (METAR K5G9)
Weatherstation Lambertville (METAR IATA_DUH)
Weatherstation Lambertville (METAR IATA_5G9)
Weatherstation Cartersville (METAR KVPC)

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