Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Lecce (LIBN) available!

Weather station in the area

Lecce (SYNOP 163320)
Brindisi/Casale (METAR LIBR)
Brindisi (SYNOP 163200)
Lecce (SYNOP 163320)
Brindisi/Casale (METAR LIBR)
Palascia (METAR LIBL)
Palascia (SYNOP 163343)
Santa Maria Di L (METAR LIBY)
Leuca (SYNOP 163600)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lecce (SYNOP 163320)
Weatherstation Lesce (SYNOP 140100)
Weatherstation Valencia (METAR LEVC)
Weatherstation San-Javier (METAR LELC)
Weatherstation Nicosia-Athalass (METAR LCNC)
Weatherstation Manchester-Intl (METAR EGCC)
Weatherstation Madri-Colmenar (METAR LECV)
Weatherstation Leigh-Creek-Airport (METAR YLEC)
Weatherstation Leesburg (METAR KLEE)
Weatherstation Leck (SYNOP 100220)
Weatherstation Lalbenque-Cahors (METAR LFCC)
Weatherstation La-Coruna-Alvedr (METAR LECO)
Weatherstation Huesca-Pirineos (METAR LEHC)
Weatherstation Gerona-Costa-Bra (METAR LEGE)
Weatherstation Erzurum (METAR LTCE)
Weatherstation Ercan (METAR LCEN)
Weatherstation Enna (METAR LICE)
Weatherstation Diyarbakir (METAR LTCC)
Weatherstation Cewice-Airbase (METAR EPCE)
Weatherstation Cerklje (METAR LJCE)

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