Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lelystad (062690) available!

Weather station in the area

Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Houtribdijk (SYNOP 062580)
Houtrib (SYNOP 062680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lelystad (METAR IATA_LEY)
Weatherstation Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Weatherstation Leibstadt (SYNOP 066660)
Weatherstation Spangdahlem (METAR ETAD)
Weatherstation Siauliai-Intl (METAR EYSA)
Weatherstation Sevilla-Tablada (METAR LETA)
Weatherstation Sde-Dov-Airport (METAR LLSD)
Weatherstation Santiago-Labacol (METAR LEST)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR LESA)
Weatherstation Ankara-Etimesgut (METAR LTAD)
Weatherstation Angelholm (METAR ESTA)
Weatherstation Giebelstadt (METAR ETEU)
Weatherstation Giebelstadt (SYNOP 106530)
Weatherstation Oudestad (SYNOP 682720)
Weatherstation Obrestad (SYNOP 014120)
Weatherstation Halmstad (METAR ESMT)
Weatherstation Halmstad (SYNOP 026040)
Weatherstation Gjerstad (SYNOP 014490)
Weatherstation Lysva (SYNOP 282340)
Weatherstation Delta (METAR KU24)

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