Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Liberec (116030) available!

Weather station in the area

Liberec (METAR LKLB)
Mnichovo Hradist (METAR LKMH)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Liberec (METAR LKLB)
Weatherstation Sant'Angelo (METAR LIBE)
Weatherstation Pratica-Di-Mare (METAR LIRE)
Weatherstation Crotone (METAR LIBC)
Weatherstation Cape-Carbonara (METAR LIEC)
Weatherstation Cagliari-Elmas (METAR LIEE)
Weatherstation Brindisi-Casale (METAR LIBR)
Weatherstation Limbert (SYNOP 892570)
Weatherstation Liberal (METAR KLBL)
Weatherstation Liberal (METAR IATA_LBL)
Weatherstation Linguere (METAR GOOG)
Weatherstation Linguere (SYNOP 616270)
Weatherstation Livermore (METAR KLVK)
Weatherstation Livermore (METAR IATA_LVK)
Weatherstation Kimberley (SYNOP 684380)
Weatherstation Pierre (METAR KPIR)
Weatherstation Pierre (METAR IATA_PIR)
Weatherstation Mieres (METAR ES_1234P)
Weatherstation Liesek (SYNOP 119180)
Weatherstation Labrea (SYNOP 827230)

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