Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Livny (340130) available!

Weather station in the area

Livny (SYNOP 340130)
Livny (SYNOP 340130)
Livny (SYNOP 340130)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Livno (SYNOP 146400)
Weatherstation Livno (SYNOP 133400)
Weatherstation Linyi (SYNOP 549380)
Weatherstation Volterra (METAR LIQV)
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Weatherstation Verona-Boscomant (METAR LIPN)
Weatherstation Venezia-San-Nico (METAR LIPV)
Weatherstation Van-Nuys (METAR KVNY)
Weatherstation Trieste (METAR LIVT)
Weatherstation Tarvisio (METAR LIVO)
Weatherstation Santa-Maria-Di-L (METAR LIBY)
Weatherstation Rolle-Pass (METAR LIVR)
Weatherstation Rieti (METAR LIQN)
Weatherstation Resia-Pass (METAR LIVE)
Weatherstation Point-Marina-Rav (METAR LIVM)
Weatherstation Paganella-Mounta (METAR LIVP)
Weatherstation Naples-Capodichi (METAR LIRN)
Weatherstation Mount-Venda (METAR LIVV)
Weatherstation Mnpls-Airlake (METAR KLVN)
Weatherstation Malanotte-Mounta (METAR LIMY)

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