Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Locarno (LSZL) available!

Weather station in the area

Locarno/Ascona (METAR LSZD)
Cimetta (SYNOP 067590)
Locarno/Monti (SYNOP 067600)
Locarno/Magadino (SYNOP 067620)
Robiei (SYNOP 067510)
Comprovasco (SYNOP 067560)
Lugano (SYNOP 067700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation WrNeustadt-East (METAR LOAN)
Weatherstation Locarno-Monti (SYNOP 067600)
Weatherstation Lorca (METAR ES_7209)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR KLGU)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR KLG5)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR IATA_LGU)
Weatherstation Logan (METAR IATA_LG5)
Weatherstation Lochaber (METAR CMHB)
Weatherstation Locarno-Ascona (METAR LSZD)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR KAQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR K6R9)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_AQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_6R9)
Weatherstation Lukojanov (SYNOP 276650)
Weatherstation Lochranza (SYNOP 031200)
Weatherstation Tarnow (SYNOP 125750)
Weatherstation Lugano (METAR LSZA)
Weatherstation Lugano (SYNOP 067700)
Weatherstation Loreto (METAR MMLT)
Weatherstation Loreto (METAR IATA_LTO)

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