Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Lodwar (636120) available!

Weather station in the area

Lodwar (SYNOP 636120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lodwar (METAR HKLO)
Weatherstation Ship-C7M-Mike (METAR LDWR)
Weatherstation Lodja (METAR FZVA)
Weatherstation Lodja (SYNOP 641460)
Weatherstation Woodward (METAR KWWR)
Weatherstation Woodward (METAR IATA_WWR)
Weatherstation Gondar (METAR HAGN)
Weatherstation Gondar (SYNOP 633310)
Weatherstation Coldwater (METAR KOEB)
Weatherstation Coldwater (METAR IATA_OEB)
Weatherstation Wlodawa (SYNOP 124970)
Weatherstation Luodian (SYNOP 579160)
Weatherstation Locarno (METAR LSZL)
Weatherstation Zell-Am-See (METAR LOWZ)
Weatherstation Zagreb-Pleso (METAR LDZA)
Weatherstation WrNeustadt-East (METAR LOAN)
Weatherstation Wazakhaw (METAR OADW)
Weatherstation Voeslau-Kottingb (METAR LOAV)
Weatherstation Vienna-Schwechat (METAR LOWW)
Weatherstation St-Quentin-Roup (METAR LFOW)

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