Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Lompoc (KLPC) available!

Weather station in the area

Point Arguello (METAR IATA_PGU)
Point Arguello (METAR KPGU)
Lompoc (SYNOP 722895)
Lompoc (SYNOP 746060)
Point Arguello (SYNOP 994210)
Vandenberg Afb (SYNOP IATA_VBG)
Orcutt Oil/Vbg (SYNOP IATA_VBX)
Vandenberg Range (SYNOP IATA_XVW)
Vandenberg Afb (METAR KVBG)
Orcutt Oil/Vbg (METAR KVBX)
Vandenberg Range (METAR KXVW)
Vandenberg Afb (SYNOP 723930)
Vandenberg Range (SYNOP 723935)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lompoc (METAR IATA_LPC)
Weatherstation Lompoc (SYNOP 746060)
Weatherstation Lompoc (SYNOP 722895)
Weatherstation Tompo (SYNOP 246710)
Weatherstation Lom (SYNOP 155110)
Weatherstation Loubomo (METAR FCPL)
Weatherstation Lipovec (SYNOP 335710)
Weatherstation Kabompo (METAR FLPO)
Weatherstation Kabompo (SYNOP 675430)
Weatherstation Vigie-St-Lucia (METAR TLPC)
Weatherstation Tocumen (METAR MPTO)
Weatherstation Sarakhs (METAR OIMC)
Weatherstation Rouen-Boos (METAR LFOP)
Weatherstation Punta-Cana (METAR MDPC)
Weatherstation Puerto-Obaldia (METAR MPOA)
Weatherstation Puerto-Cabezas (METAR MNPC)
Weatherstation Pskov (METAR ULOO)
Weatherstation Prerov (METAR LKPO)
Weatherstation Potosi-Rojas (METAR SLPO)
Weatherstation Philly-Wings-F (METAR KLOM)

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