Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Louisville (724234) available!

Weather station in the area

Fort Knox/88D (SYNOP IATA_LVX)
Fort Knox/88D (METAR KLVX)
Elizabeth (METAR IATA_EKX)
Fort Knox/Godman (METAR IATA_FTK)
Louisville (METAR IATA_SDF)
Elizabeth (METAR KEKX)
Fort Knox/Godman (METAR KFTK)
Louisville (METAR KSDF)
Louisville/Standifo (SYNOP 724230)
Fort Knox/Godman (SYNOP 724240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Louisville (METAR KSDF)
Weatherstation Louisville (METAR IATA_SDF)
Weatherstation Louisville-Wfo (METAR KLMK)
Weatherstation Louisville-Wfo (METAR IATA_LMK)
Weatherstation Louisville-Vor (METAR KIIU)
Weatherstation Louisville-Vor (METAR IATA_IIU)
Weatherstation Lastoursville (METAR FOOR)
Weatherstation Lastoursville (SYNOP 645600)
Weatherstation Morrisville (METAR KMVL)
Weatherstation Morrisville (METAR IATA_MVL)
Weatherstation Louisville-Bowmn (METAR KLOU)
Weatherstation Louisville-Bowmn (METAR IATA_LOU)
Weatherstation Louisville-Bowman (SYNOP 724235)
Weatherstation Lukeville (SYNOP 722733)
Weatherstation Loxeville (SYNOP 071720)
Weatherstation Longville (METAR KXVG)
Weatherstation Longville (METAR KD33)
Weatherstation Longville (METAR IATA_XVG)
Weatherstation Longville (METAR IATA_D33)
Weatherstation Joinville (METAR SBJV)

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