Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Lumberton (KLBT) available!

Weather station in the area

Lumberton (METAR IATA_LBT)
Lumberton (METAR KLBT)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lumberton (METAR KN14)
Weatherstation Lumberton (METAR IATA_N14)
Weatherstation Lumberton (METAR IATA_LBT)
Weatherstation Lamberton (METAR QRCM)
Weatherstation Pemberton (METAR IATA_WGP)
Weatherstation Pemberton (METAR IATA_WGE)
Weatherstation Pemberton (METAR CYPS)
Weatherstation Pemberton (METAR CWGP)
Weatherstation Pemberton (SYNOP 956130)
Weatherstation Pemberton (SYNOP 717770)
Weatherstation Limbert (SYNOP 892570)
Weatherstation Lumbo (METAR FQLU)
Weatherstation Lumbo (SYNOP 672410)
Weatherstation Laverton (METAR AMLV)
Weatherstation Laverton (SYNOP 944490)
Weatherstation Robertson (SYNOP 687180)
Weatherstation Oberon (SYNOP 957350)
Weatherstation Luzern (SYNOP 066500)
Weatherstation Herberton (SYNOP 942840)
Weatherstation Fullerton (METAR KFUL)

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