Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Magdeburg (103610) available!

Weather station in the area

Magdeburg (METAR EDBM)
Magdeburg-Flughafen (SYNOP 103620)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Magdeburg (METAR EDBM)
Weatherstation Orangeburg (METAR KOGB)
Weatherstation Orangeburg (METAR IATA_OGB)
Weatherstation Middelburg (METAR FAMB)
Weatherstation Middelburg (SYNOP 686380)
Weatherstation Sandburg (SYNOP 723830)
Weatherstation Oldenburg (SYNOP 102150)
Weatherstation Madera (METAR KMAE)
Weatherstation Madera (METAR IATA_MAE)
Weatherstation Lydenburg (SYNOP 681840)
Weatherstation Galesburg (METAR KGBG)
Weatherstation Galesburg (METAR IATA_GBG)
Weatherstation Magdeburg-Flughafen (SYNOP 103620)
Weatherstation Valkenburg (METAR EHVB)
Weatherstation Valkenburg (SYNOP 062100)
Weatherstation Siegenburg (SYNOP 108620)
Weatherstation Regensburg (METAR EDNR)
Weatherstation Regensburg (SYNOP 107760)
Weatherstation Middlebury (METAR K6B0)
Weatherstation Middlebury (METAR IATA_6B0)

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