Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Manit (442940) available!

Weather station in the area

Maanti (SYNOP 442940)
Maanti (SYNOP 442940)
Maanti (SYNOP 442940)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marnitz (SYNOP 681620)
Weatherstation Marnitz (SYNOP 102640)
Weatherstation Manistee (METAR KMBL)
Weatherstation Manistee (METAR IATA_MBL)
Weatherstation Manistee (SYNOP 726385)
Weatherstation Mallnitz (SYNOP 112600)
Weatherstation Mallnitz (SYNOP 112100)
Weatherstation Man (METAR DIMN)
Weatherstation Man (SYNOP 655480)
Weatherstation Manisa (SYNOP 171860)
Weatherstation Mandvi (SYNOP 427290)
Weatherstation Manali (SYNOP 420650)
Weatherstation Makeni (SYNOP 618730)
Weatherstation Maitri (SYNOP 895140)
Weatherstation Maniitsoq (METAR BGMQ)
Weatherstation Maniitsoq (SYNOP 042410)
Weatherstation Tucuman-Teniente (METAR SANT)
Weatherstation Tinogasta (METAR SANI)
Weatherstation Tan-Tan (METAR GMAT)
Weatherstation Nickerie-Fernand (METAR SMNI)

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