Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Marathonas (LGMR) available!

Weather station in the area

Marathonas (SYNOP 166800)
Athens/Elef-Ven (METAR LGAV)
Tatoi/Dekelia (METAR LGTT)
Athens Observatory (SYNOP 167140)
Tatoi/Dekelia (SYNOP 167150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marathonas (SYNOP 166800)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR KMTH)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR IATA_MTH)
Weatherstation Marathon (METAR CYSP)
Weatherstation Marathon (SYNOP 747986)
Weatherstation Barahona (METAR MDBH)
Weatherstation Barahona (SYNOP 784820)
Weatherstation Karpathos (METAR LGKP)
Weatherstation Karpathos (SYNOP 167650)
Weatherstation Karpathos (SYNOP 167480)
Weatherstation Varanasi (SYNOP 424830)
Weatherstation Tarazona (METAR ES_9299X)
Weatherstation Markansu (SYNOP 387440)
Weatherstation Marianna (METAR KMAI)
Weatherstation Marianna (METAR IATA_MAI)
Weatherstation Marandua (METAR KQYV)
Weatherstation Manas (METAR UCFM)
Weatherstation Manas (SYNOP 382200)
Weatherstation Tarragona (METAR ES_0042Y)
Weatherstation Tarragona (SYNOP 081760)

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