Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Mardin (172750) available!

Weather station in the area

Mardin Airport (METAR LTCR)
Batman (SYNOP 172820)
Mardin Airport (METAR LTCR)
Kamishli (METAR OSKL)
Kamishli (SYNOP 400010)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Marin (SYNOP 080430)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR K9V6)
Weatherstation Martin (METAR IATA_9V6)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMAO)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MAO)
Weatherstation Maridi (METAR HSMD)
Weatherstation Maridi (SYNOP 629313)
Weatherstation Mardie (SYNOP 943060)
Weatherstation Maradi (METAR DRRM)
Weatherstation Maradi (SYNOP 610800)
Weatherstation Maturin (METAR SVMT)
Weatherstation Maturin (SYNOP 804350)
Weatherstation Maringa (METAR SBMG)
Weatherstation Maringa (SYNOP 837670)
Weatherstation Marilyn (SYNOP 898690)
Weatherstation Mandini (SYNOP 684940)
Weatherstation Makurdi (METAR DNMK)
Weatherstation Makurdi (SYNOP 652710)

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