Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Maribor (LJMB) available!

Weather station in the area

Maribor (SYNOP 130260)
Maribor/Slivnica (SYNOP 140260)
Rogla (SYNOP 130200)
Maribou-Mesto (SYNOP 130250)
Maribor\Tabor (SYNOP 140250)
Krapina (SYNOP 143240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Maribor (SYNOP 130260)
Weatherstation Marib (METAR OYMB)
Weatherstation Marib (SYNOP 414070)
Weatherstation Marib (SYNOP 413500)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR KMAO)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MNN)
Weatherstation Marion (METAR IATA_MAO)
Weatherstation Tarboro (METAR KETC)
Weatherstation Tarboro (METAR IATA_ETC)
Weatherstation Malbork (METAR EPMB)
Weatherstation Caribou (METAR KCAR)
Weatherstation Caribou (METAR IATA_CAR)
Weatherstation Caribou (SYNOP 727110)
Weatherstation Marienberg (SYNOP 105790)
Weatherstation Maribor\Tabor (SYNOP 140250)
Weatherstation Zlatibor (SYNOP 133670)
Weatherstation Raciborz (SYNOP 125400)
Weatherstation Maryborough (SYNOP 948490)
Weatherstation Maryborough (SYNOP 945670)

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