Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Markesse (062730) available!

Weather station in the area

Markesse (SYNOP 062730)
Leeuwarden Rnlaf (METAR EHLW)
Stavoren (SYNOP 062670)
Leeuwarden (SYNOP 062700)
Markesse (SYNOP 062730)
Leeuwarden Rnlaf (METAR EHLW)
Houtribdijk (SYNOP 062580)
Houtrib (SYNOP 062680)
Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Lelystad (SYNOP 062690)
Heino (SYNOP 062780)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Maresale (SYNOP 230320)
Weatherstation Parkes (SYNOP 947170)
Weatherstation Masset (METAR CZMT)
Weatherstation Marree (SYNOP 944800)
Weatherstation Seoul-Kimpo-Intl (METAR RKSS)
Weatherstation Paengnyongdo-Bea (METAR RKSE)
Weatherstation Massena (METAR KMSS)
Weatherstation Massena (METAR IATA_MSS)
Weatherstation Manresa (METAR ES_0149X)
Weatherstation Masset-A (SYNOP 714725)
Weatherstation Markansu (SYNOP 387440)
Weatherstation Taree (SYNOP 947840)
Weatherstation Pakse (METAR VLIP)
Weatherstation Pakse (SYNOP 489550)
Weatherstation Oakes (METAR K2D5)
Weatherstation Oakes (METAR IATA_2D5)
Weatherstation Moree (SYNOP 945270)
Weatherstation Marte (METAR SBMT)
Weatherstation Marte (SYNOP 837790)
Weatherstation Marce (METAR LFJR)

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