Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Masbate (985430) available!

Weather station in the area

Masbate (METAR RPVJ)
Masbate (SYNOP 985430)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Masbate (METAR RPVJ)
Weatherstation Teresina-Airport (METAR SBTE)
Weatherstation Alta-Floresta (METAR SBAT)
Weatherstation Taubate (METAR SBTA)
Weatherstation Taubate (SYNOP 837840)
Weatherstation Masamba (SYNOP 971260)
Weatherstation Margate (METAR FAMG)
Weatherstation Margate (SYNOP 685910)
Weatherstation Margate (SYNOP 683685)
Weatherstation Barbate (METAR ES_5996B)
Weatherstation Masan (SYNOP 471550)
Weatherstation Marte (METAR SBMT)
Weatherstation Marte (SYNOP 837790)
Weatherstation Marstein (SYNOP 012320)
Weatherstation Marsabit (METAR HKMB)
Weatherstation Marsabit (SYNOP 636410)
Weatherstation Maresale (SYNOP 230320)
Weatherstation Mansa (METAR FLMA)
Weatherstation Mansa (SYNOP 674610)
Weatherstation Manistee (METAR KMBL)

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