Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Meiktila (480530) available!

Weather station in the area

Meiktila (METAR VBML)
Meiktila (METAR VBML)
Meiktila (METAR VBML)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Meiktila (METAR VBML)
Weatherstation Mitiga (METAR HLLM)
Weatherstation Mestia (METAR UGMS)
Weatherstation Melita (METAR CWEI)
Weatherstation Melita (SYNOP 714470)
Weatherstation Minatitlan (METAR MMMT)
Weatherstation Minatitlan (METAR IATA_MTT)
Weatherstation Minatitlan (SYNOP 767383)
Weatherstation Melilla (METAR GEML)
Weatherstation Melilla (METAR ES_6000A)
Weatherstation Melilla (SYNOP 603380)
Weatherstation Kittila (METAR EFKT)
Weatherstation Kittila (SYNOP 028600)
Weatherstation Kittila (SYNOP 028234)
Weatherstation Mikhailovka (SYNOP 298020)
Weatherstation Moikipaa (SYNOP 029210)
Weatherstation Mitilini (METAR LGMT)
Weatherstation Mei-Xian (SYNOP 591170)
Weatherstation Medgidia (SYNOP 154620)
Weatherstation Maitland (SYNOP 946650)

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