Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Merced (KMCE) available!

Weather station in the area

Merced/Macready Fld (SYNOP 724815)
Merced/Castle Af (SYNOP IATA_MER)
Merced/Castle Af (METAR KMER)
Castle Afb/Merced (SYNOP 724810)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Merced (METAR IATA_MCE)
Weatherstation Mercedes (METAR SATM)
Weatherstation Mercedes (SYNOP 872814)
Weatherstation Mercedes (SYNOP 864900)
Weatherstation Marce (METAR LFJR)
Weatherstation Merredin (SYNOP 956240)
Weatherstation Pearce (METAR YPEA)
Weatherstation Pearce (SYNOP 946120)
Weatherstation Murted (METAR LTAE)
Weatherstation Murted (SYNOP 171200)
Weatherstation Mieres (METAR ES_1234P)
Weatherstation Cercedilla (METAR ES_2462)
Weatherstation Meriden (METAR KMMK)
Weatherstation Meriden (METAR IATA_MMK)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR KOED)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR KMFR)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR KMDZ)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR IATA_OED)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR IATA_MFR)
Weatherstation Medford (METAR IATA_MDZ)

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