Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Mersing (WMAU) available!

Weather station in the area

Mersing (SYNOP 486740)
Mersing (METAR WMAU)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mersing (SYNOP 486740)
Weatherstation Mersin (SYNOP 173400)
Weatherstation Meiringen (METAR LSMM)
Weatherstation Gallivare (METAR ESNG)
Weatherstation Messina (METAR LICF)
Weatherstation Messina (SYNOP 164200)
Weatherstation Meriden (METAR KMMK)
Weatherstation Meriden (METAR IATA_MMK)
Weatherstation Maringa (METAR SBMG)
Weatherstation Maringa (SYNOP 837670)
Weatherstation Deering (METAR PADE)
Weatherstation Deering (METAR IATA_DEE)
Weatherstation Deering (SYNOP 701333)
Weatherstation Mymensingh (SYNOP 418860)
Weatherstation Sterling (METAR KSTK)
Weatherstation Sterling (METAR KLWX)
Weatherstation Sterling (METAR IATA_LWX)
Weatherstation Sterling (METAR CYQC)
Weatherstation Mesters-Vig (SYNOP 043383)
Weatherstation Merzifon (METAR LTAP)

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