Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Mettlen (066520) available!

Weather station in the area

Alpnach (METAR LSMA)
Dubendorf (METAR LSMD)
Zurich-Kloten (METAR LSZH)
Luzern (SYNOP 066500)
Beromunster (SYNOP 066530)
Brugg-Wildegg (SYNOP 066540)
Buochs (SYNOP 066580)
Pilatus Mountain (SYNOP 066590)
Zurich (SYNOP 066600)
Albis (SYNOP 066610)
Reckenholz (SYNOP 066640)
Laegern (SYNOP 066690)
Zuerich-Kloten (SYNOP 066700)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Mettler (SYNOP 956110)
Weatherstation Seattle (SYNOP 727936)
Weatherstation Bettles (METAR PABT)
Weatherstation Bettles (METAR IATA_BTT)
Weatherstation Bettles (SYNOP 701740)
Weatherstation Stoetten (SYNOP 108360)
Weatherstation Stettler (METAR CXAK)
Weatherstation Stettler (SYNOP 712890)
Weatherstation Mezen (SYNOP 224710)
Weatherstation Messstetten (METAR ETGZ)
Weatherstation Messstetten (SYNOP 108270)
Weatherstation Belen (METAR KE80)
Weatherstation Belen (METAR IATA_E80)
Weatherstation Marquette (METAR KMQT)
Weatherstation Marquette (METAR IATA_MQT)
Weatherstation Marquette (SYNOP 727438)
Weatherstation Beg-Melen (SYNOP 072030)
Weatherstation Amstetten (SYNOP 110180)
Weatherstation Zwettl (SYNOP 110200)
Weatherstation Oelwen (METAR KOLZ)

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