Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Minusinsk (298660) available!

Weather station in the area

Hakasskata (SYNOP 298620)
Abakan (SYNOP 298650)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Micurinsk (SYNOP 279350)
Weatherstation Minsk (METAR UMMS)
Weatherstation Minsk (SYNOP 268500)
Weatherstation Mariinsk (SYNOP 295510)
Weatherstation Nizhneusinskoe (SYNOP 360910)
Weatherstation Usinsk (METAR UUYS)
Weatherstation Usinsk (SYNOP 234170)
Weatherstation Sinsin (SYNOP 064730)
Weatherstation Nizhneudinsk (SYNOP 296980)
Weatherstation Minqin (SYNOP 526810)
Weatherstation Minino (SYNOP 295710)
Weatherstation Kalininsk (SYNOP 289390)
Weatherstation Puskinskie (SYNOP 263590)
Weatherstation Minchumina (METAR PAMH)
Weatherstation Minchumina (METAR IATA_MHM)
Weatherstation Minchumina (SYNOP 702460)
Weatherstation Menzelinsk (SYNOP 285170)
Weatherstation Turinsk (SYNOP 282550)
Weatherstation Leninsk (SYNOP 382670)
Weatherstation Siguanea (METAR MUSN)

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